Product #: SLT-1030
$544.00 CAD  Each


Affordable Professional Level EMF Meters. This EMF Meter / GaussMeter measures AC Electric Fields and AC Magnetic Fields – 5 Hertz – 100,000 Hertz - AC and DC data outputs

Professional Level EMF Meter


Affordable, yet created for professionals; the 3851A integrates sophisticated technology with simplified measurement

·       Single Axis Measurement, ten times more sensitive than the Entry / Intermediate level meters - puts measurement control in the hands of the technician

·        F1B2H31 Frequency Filter, built in module provides manual isolation of multiple sources - delivers source identification with ease, efficiency and precision

·       Offers two measurement ranges standard and high. On the high precision setting one can measure to an accuracy of 0.1 V per meter and 0.1 nT or 0.001 mG

·       Output Interfacing Capabilities, AC/DC outputs facilitate data logging and use of a full spectrum analyzer - means more in-depth analysis and unmanned measurement

·       Verifiable Accuracy, A self test mode and the offer of a manufacturer's calibration certificate guarantees reliability - means no guess work


·         Includes a NiMH rechargeable battery and charging unit

·         Precise potential free (without a ground) measurement option

·         Plastic Carrying case included

·         All Gigahertz Solutions EMF Meters are backed by a 2 year manufacturer's warranty


"Know for sure" What EMF Levels you are being exposed to...

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Boeing Visual of EMF Signal Dynamics From Wireless Technology