Product #: SLT-1031
$770.00 CAD  Each


Professional EMF Meters: This EMF Meter / GaussMeter measures AC Electric Fields and AC Magnetic Fields – 5 Hertz – 400,000 Hertz - Highest frequency coverage with increased sensitivity - AC and DC data outputs

Professional Level EMF Meter

Electronic innovations as well as manufacturing trends towards energy efficiency and high performance have created unprecedented assessment challenges for EMF technicians. The extended frequency capability of the ME 3951A Meter provides a measurement solution for the increasingly high frequency ranges produced by new technologies.

·       5 Hz to 400 KHz, a frequency range unmatched by any other meter in its price range

·       Single axis measurement combined with easy peak value readings puts detection control in the hands of the technician by facilitating source direction identification

·       F1B2H31 built in frequency filter provides three filter settings that manually isolates frequency clutter which allows for source identification accuracy

·       AC/DC outputs provide hook up to specialized equipment for functions such as data logging, full audio assessments and full spectrum analysis

·       A manufacturer's calibration certificate and a self test mode translate into reliable measurement and verifiable accuracy

·       Includes a NiMH rechargeable battery and charging unit

·       Precise potential free (without a ground) measurement option

·       Plastic Carrying case included

·       All Gigahertz Solutions EMF Meters are backed by a 2 year manufacturer's warranty


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