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Students Investigating Exposure to Wireless Radiation in School
Posted On: 4/17/2013 2:40:35 PM

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April 17, 2013 – Like most of us, students at Dearcroft/West Wind Montessori School are being exposed to wireless radiation, and they want to know how it is affecting them.  Today, grade seven and eight students from the Oakville Montessori School are leading a project to learn about wireless radiation from everyday devices, such as smartphones and laptops.  Students conducted an investigation of their school, measuring the amount of radiation that they are typically exposed to on a daily basis.  Students and teachers are now working with members of a local community group, Citizens 4 Safe Technology (C4ST) to develop a plan to reduce their exposure to harmful wireless radiation.  President of Safe Living Technologies, Rob Metzinger, speaks to the school to provide more information on the topic of EMF and how they are being affected by it.  

For the complete press release, please click the link below:

C4ST WWJH Press Release: C4ST WWJH Press Release.pdf