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IBE 212 Electromagnetic Emissions - 2015 - Santa Fe, NM
Posted On: 8/24/2015 9:00:00 AM

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Thanks to the IBE for hosting and arranging a successful 2015 course!  Here is some of the feedback from a few of the students:

Q: Looking back over these last 5 days what stands out in your mind as worthwhile?  Not worthwhile?
A: Thank you so much, this is probably the best seminar I have ever taken.  It was well organized, the materials were amazing.  It's well prepared and well thought out.  
Thank you so much for the dropbox materials which also included the manual for class.  It was very much appreciated.

Comments from another student:
"I truely appreciated how willing all instructors and TA's were to share their expertise and answer endless questions.  I learned a great deal.  It is obvious all 5 instructors genuinely care of making a positive impact through EMR Education.  All TA's and instructors were so generous with their time and I cannot thank them enough!"

Q: What were your expectations/objectives for this seminar?  Were they met?
A: I had pockets of information but many pieces were missing.  The instructors and the material were just what I needed and I feel confident and excited to apply and continue to learn more.