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 ME3851A and ME3951A EMF Meter Video
ME3851A and ME3951A EMF Meter Video

With the increase in electronics and dependency on wireless technology in our world today, people are affected by electromagnetic radiation more than ever. Electromagnetic radiation has a large presence in our living and working environments. Safe Living Technologies is around to provide knowledge to our customers through our own resources as well as the resources of other industry professionals to make informed decisions about electromagnetic field and radio frequency exposure in their personal environments. Through our website, we offer many products to detect harmful radiation in your home and workplace.

One product we offer is the body voltage meter. The body voltage meter is used to measure the amount of AC voltage present on the human body from live electrical wiring throughout your home. We also offer EMF meters and RF meters to detect levels of electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation. We have RF shielding paints and fabrics to lower the amount of exposure to EMF and RF in your home.

If you have any questions regarding our products or would like more information about electromagnetic and radio frequency radiation exposure, our team of experts at Safe Space Technologies would be more than happy to help. We can help create a plan for a safer and healthier environment today and help you choose the right products for detection like EMF meters, RF meters or a body voltage meter, as well as products for protection like RF shielding fabrics and paint.

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