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AC Current Clamp - Small
Product #: SLT-1437

This smaller AC Current Clamp Leaker Meter is designed for measurement of AC Leakage Current from live wires.  This is ideal for measuring Current located on your electrical grounding system in tighter, hard to get to areas (wiring inside electric panel, smaller water pipes, etc.) which can result in elevated magnetic fields throughout the home.
Professional AC Current Clamp Leaker
  • Easy to Operate, simply power on the unit, push the orange button on the side of the unit to open the clamp and release to close
  • LCD digital display will indicate the total current leakage in milliAmps
  • Excellent Sensitivity - able to accurately identify current between 0.000mA to 60A
  • Size of clamp opening 30mm (1.1811inches)
  • Powered by a 9V alkaline battery (included)
  • Includes a hold button for holding measured values on the screen

AC Current Clamp Meter Includes:

  • AC Current Clamp Meter
  • 9V Alkaline Battery
  • Soft Carrying Case

Technical Data:

Size of Jaw          

30mm (1.1811inches)


0.000mA - 60A




0.00mA - 60A +1.5% +/- 5 digits


4 Digit LCD Display

Range Shift


Voltage Range

AC 600V

LCD Dimension

3.5cm x 2.15cm

Auto Power Off

5 Minutes After Power On


17.5cm x 7cm x 3.8 cm (W x L x H)

Weight of Meter

120 grams

Case Material