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Expert Devra Davis Discusses Cell Phones and the Effects on People
Calibration Certificate - ME3851A/ME3951A
Product #: SLT-1163

Factory Calibration Certificate with Data - Available for the ME3851A and ME3951A
Calibration Certificate - ME3851A / ME3951A

Each unit is individually verified for calibration compliance and is rigoursly compared to highly accurate traceable test equipment. This calibration is performed in a controlled area in the manufacturer's facility. The calibration certificate will contain the serial number of the unit, the date the testing occurred and data gathered during the process. 

The calibration process is time sensitive. The meters are individually calibrated at the time of your order. Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for delivery. Re-Calibration is recommended every 1 - 2 years if the instrument is heavily used or used for important tasks.

Note that all Gigahertz equipment goes through a basic testing protocol as it comes off the assembly line. This calibration certificate is an additional verification of the meters' accuracy. 
Supplied with:
Factory Calibration Certificate: Qty=1