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Car Fob Experiment
Car Fob Experiment
MK70-3D Plus 1.0 Electrosmog Test Kit
Product #: SLT-1303

Contains the contents of the MK70-3D test kit, as well as the HFW59D Plus RF Meter for extended coverage in frequencies ranging from 2.4GHz - 10GHz as well as the PM1 and PM5s to aid in potential free electric field measurements with the NFA1000.
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MK70-3D Plus 1.0 Electrosmog Test Kit - Professional EMR Test Kit

The MK70-3D Plus 1.0 Electrosmog Test Kit contains the Gigahertz Solutions NFA1000 3D EMF Meter / Data Logger, the HFE59B RF Meter Kit, the HFW59D Plus RF Meter Kit, and two accessories to aid in potential free electric field measurements with the NFA1000, the PM1 and PM5s. This kit is considered our professional EMF test kit as it contains our 3 top of the line EMR Meters which are both capable of being certified at accredited testing facilities. These meters offer the most advanced EMR testing features on the market! The NFA1000s’ data logging capabilities allows for long term analysis of EMF exposure data which can be analyzed at any point in time. The NFA1000 can also be interfaced to the HFE59B and HFW59D Plus to record long term Radio Frequency exposures as well. The NFA1000 includes NFA-Soft, which is a customizable EMF software module which allows for the manipulation RF and EMF data for reporting purposes.

For more information about the individual meters in this kit please explore the links below:

1]  NFA1000 - EMF Meter Kit (5Hz - 1MHz Frequency Range)

2]  HFE59B - RF Meter Kit (27MHz - 3.3GHz Frequency Range)

3]  HFW59D Plus - RF Meter Kit (2.4GHz - 10 GHz Frequency Range)

4]  PM1 - Potential Free Holder

5]  PM5s - NFA Mounting Bracket

6]  K7 -  Plastic Carrying Case 

NFA1000 3D EMF Meter / Data Logger Includes:  


·        NFA1000 EMF Meter and Users Guide

·        2 Year Warranty Certificate

·        Grounding Cable – 17 foot (5.18 meters) - for AC electric field measurements

·        Grounding Clip – For direct connection to water pipe

·        Body Voltage Hand Probe and Cable

·        Rechargeable Battery Pack + charger/power supply 12v and 15v

·        4 GB High Speed SD Memory Card

·        USB Interface Cable, Ground plug, Outlet tester

·        Interface Cable (2.5 mm to 2.5 mm) – For connection to HFE59B

·        Silicone protective cover - yellow


HFE59B RF Meter Includes:

·        K7 Plastic Carrying Case - Dimensions L x W x H (19.7" x 16.2" x 6.3") or (50cm x 41cm x 16cm)

·        HFE59B Radio Frequency Analyzer

·        Antenna - Ultra Broadband Isotropic (27 MHz to 3.3 GHz) (UBB27)

·        Antenna - Logarithmic Periodic 800 MHz – 2.7 GHz vertically polarized

·        Users Guide – RF Analyzer and UBB27 Antenna

·        2 Year Warranty Certificate

·        Rechargeable Battery Pack

·        120 VAC Battery Charger (220 VAC charger available on request)

·        Silicone protective cover – black

·        RF Attenuator – DG20_G10 (-20 dB or -100x)

·        RF Preamplifier – HV10_27G3 (+10 dB or +10x)

·        High Pass Filter – HP800_G3 (800 MHz)

HFW59D Plus RF Meter Includes:

  • HFW59D: Radio Frequency Analyzer
  • Antenna: Logarithmic Periodic 2.4 - 10 GHz 
  • Antenna: UBB2410 Ultra Broadband Omni-directional 360º 2.4 - 10 GHz 
  • RF Preamplifier: HV20_2400G10
  • Users Guide:  RF Analyzer
  • Users Guide:  UBB2410 Ultra Broadband Antenna
  • 2 Year Warranty:  Certificate
  • Battery Pack:  Rechargable with Charger/Power Supply
  • Silicone Protective Cover:  Black
Manual for the HF59B RF Meter.
Manual for HFW59D RF Meter
Manual for UBB2410 Omni Directional Antenna. Compatible with HFW35C and HFW59D Version 26
Manual for UBB27 Omni Directional Antenna. Compatible with HFE35C and HF59B RF Meters
Firmware 88/NFASoft 172 on MacOSX. Valid for NFA Series Meters
Firmware 88/NFASoft 172 on Windows. Valid for NFA Series Meters