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 ME3030B and ME3830B EMF Meter Video
ME3030B and ME3830B EMF Meter Video

We are living in a world with omni present radiofrequency radiation, from our cell towers and cellphones, to our wireless routers, wireless-enabled devices, DECT cordless phones, smart meters, smart home systems, gaming consoles, and Bluetooth gadgets. Add to this the up coming roll out of 5G (or 5th generation wireless) and the “Internet of Things” (IoT) which plans to connect everything, both in and outside the home,with wireless transmitters and cellular antennas. This unprecedented level of man-made microwave radiation in our homes, schools, transit systems, and public spaces has fundamentally changed our electromagnetic environment. And research shows that this pulsed-modulated radiofrequency radiation can be biologically harmful to our bodies.


If you want to measure the levels of radiofrequency and microwave radiation in your home, your car, or your work space, Safe Living Technologies provides the best selection of professional meters for you.We carry a range of RF meters with capabilities of measuring radio frequency and microwave radiation from 200 MHz up to 12 GHz. Whether you are an individual homeowner seeking to create a safer and healthier environment, or a professional EMF expert providing assessments and mitigation strategies to your clients, we have an RF meter to suit your needs.

When purchasing an RF Meter, you will want to consider primary features such as:


·        sensitivity range (lower and upper limit)

·        measurement levels (peak, peak hold, average)

·        antenna axis (single axis, 3-axis, or interchangeable)

·        readout type (numerical, lights, sound, digital)

·        output power source

·        accuracy (RF: +/- dB)

·        ease of use


Measurement is the first step in reduction. Safe Living Technologies is your source for radiofrequency assessment, detection,and protection. We also carry an array of other RF/EMF detectorsEMF meters, and RF accessories, as well as protection products like RF Shielding fabricShielded power cablesBed canopies and more.

Our RF meters and EMF products are available in Canada, the USA and throughout the world. Our skilled EMF professionals are happy to answer any questions and connect you to the right measurement and mitigation tools for your home or business. Contact us today.


An RF meter is a good first step to a safer and healthier home environment. Safe Living Technologies offers a wide selection of EMF and RF products that help combat against exposure to electromagnetic fields, radio frequencies, and microwave radiation. We offer detection items like the radio frequency meter, EMF meter, and body voltage kit. We also carry a broad range of protection products like RF shielding fabric, shielded power cables, bed canopies and more. Browse our selection and find the right EMF and RF mitigation products that fit your needs.

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Safe and Sound Classic
5G Ready! Unlike any other detector in its price range.  Utilizes the same measurement technology as the Safe and Sound Pro II but for a fraction of the cost!  Designed by Safe Living Technologies with electrosensitive clients in mind.  It is a simple to use detector for Radio Frequency / Microwave Radiation to capture 200MHz to 8 GHz that is sensitive below 1 μW/m2 and requires no previous technical experience

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Safe and Sound Pro II RF Meter
5G Ready! - Low & Mid Bands. 3rd Party Certified RF Meter with +/- 6dB accuracy from 400 MHz to 7.2 GHz, and effective from 200 MHz to 8 GHz! Also includes a premium OLED Display for digital readings up to 2,500,000 µW/m² and down to 0.001 µW/m², Max Hold, Max Reset Button, USB Power Jack for Continuous Monitoring, Volume Control, Headphone Jack, Calibration Certificate and more!

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HF35C RF Meter
Our Most Popular RF Meter - Measures Radio Frequency / Microwave Radiation (800MHz – 2.7 GHz) Audio Signal Analysis, 10 times more sensitive than the HF32D, Peak and Average Settings

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Acoustimeter AM-10
Easy to use, Extended Frequency range - Measures Radio Frequency / Microwave Radiation (200 MHz – 8.0 GHz) with Audio Signal Analysis, LCD displays peak and average values, Led indicators displays a quick visual of RF intensity

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HF38B RF Meter
Intermediate RF Meter - Measuring Range (700 MHz – 3.3 GHz) Audio Signal Analysis, 10 times more sensitive than the HF35C, Peak Hold Settings, Peak Settings and Average Settings, can measure higher power signals

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HFE35C RF Meter Kit
Versatile Intermediate RF Meter - Measures Radio Frequency / Microwave Radiation (27 MHz – 2.7 GHz) with Audio Signal Analysis. Includes 2 Antennas - standard directional antenna plus omni-directional antenna

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HFEW35C RF Meter Kit
The HFEW35C RF Meter Kit contains the Gigahertz Solutions HFE35C and the HFW35C. This kit is designed for a detecting a large scale of RF Signals ranging from 27MHz to 6GHz

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HFW35C RF Meter
Specialized Wi-Fi Meter for Measuring Higher Frequency Sources of Radio Frequency / Microwave Radiation (2.4 GHz – 6.0 GHz) includes Audio Signal Analysis.  The UBB2410 antenna can be added for omnidirectional measurements.

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HFW59D RF Meter
The HFW59D detects wireless technologies such as Radar, Bluetooth, WLAN, WiMAX and cordless telephones operate in the higher frequency ranges of 2.4 GHz – 10 GHz with Audio Signal Analysis. It has been designed to detect and measure the RF emissions generated within this range including the high radar frequency band at 8.5 through 9.5 GHz (Aviation, Naval, Military, Traffic Control Radar). 

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HF59B RF Meter
Our Best Professional Level RF Meter - Measuring Range (700 MHz – 3.3 GHz) with Audio Signal Analysis. Includes standard directional antenna, peak hold feature, data output ports. This meter is compatible with the UBB27 "Quasi" Isotropic Antenna which will extend the measuring range (27MHz - 3.3GHz) and allows for Omni-Directional measurements

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HFE59B RF Meter Kit
Our Best Professional Level RF Meter - Measuring Range (27 MHz – 3.3 GHz) with Audio Signal Analysis. Includes 2 Antennas - standard directional antenna plus omni-directional antenna which measures 360 degrees, peak hold feature, data output ports

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HFW59D Plus RF Meter Kit
Professional Level RF Meter - Measuring Range (2.4GHz - 10GHz) with Audio Signal Analysis. This kit includes the HV20_2400G10 preamp, plus two antennas - a standard directional log-per antenna plus an omni-directional antenna which measures 360º. It is useful for measuring wireless technologies such as Bluetooth, WLAN, Wi-Max, Cordless Phones, Radar (Aviation, Naval, Military, Traffic Control Radar).

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