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 HFW35C RF Meter Video
HFW35C RF Meter Video
HF38B RF Meter
Product #: SLT-1117

Intermediate RF Meter - Measuring Range (700 MHz – 3.3 GHz) Audio Signal Analysis, 10 times more sensitive than the HF35C, Peak Hold Settings, Peak Settings and Average Settings, can measure higher power signals
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HF38B RF Meter Video

Intermediate RF Analyzer / RF Detector

Experience a meter with Peak Hold features allow for accurate assessment of sources that emit strong, quick bursts of RF energy such as smart meters. Still easy to use and has the audio source identification features of the HF35C              

·        100 Times the measurement sensitivity of a Beginner Level Meter (HF32D)

·        10 Times the measurement sensitivity of a Intermediate Level Meter (HF35C)

·        Offers a Coarse measurement range, Medium measurement range and a Fine measurement range

·        Coarse range covers stronger readings of 0.01 - 19.99 mW/m²

·        Increased sensitivity translates into detection of sources otherwise missed by our competitor’s RF detection equipment

Professional Level Upgrades:

·        Audio Identification: The meter's audio tone replicates the signalpatterns and intensity of measured RF emissions and aids in source identification

·        Peak Hold, Peak and Average Settings: While measurements taken onthe Average Value setting provide a basic sense of RF levels at a test site,the Peak Value setting reveals the highest levels of RF being emitted. The PeakValue is regarded as the measurement critical to assessing potential biological effects

·        Increased frequency response from up to 3.3 GHz (700 MHz to 3.3 GHz)


Also offers the features of the HF35C

·        Easy to operate, power the unit on, selecting measurement settings and recording the LCD

displayed readings as you walk the meter through your living space

·        Accessorized with a sturdy Logarithmic–Periodic Antenna, designed for directional detection of RF waves. Readings increase when the meter gets closer to or points in the direction of offending sources

·        Detects both analogue signals and pulsed digital signals

·        Detects RF radiation generated by cellular phones and cordless phones (Digital or DECT);

microwave ovens; wireless communication devices such as internet routers, WLAN, Wi-Fi, baby monitors, Bluetooth, video games, smart meters and cell phone towers (GSM, UMTS, 2G, 3G,4G)


"Know for sure" What EMF Levels you are being exposed to...

                                                                                              Own a Gigahertz Solutions Meter

HF38B RF Meter Includes:

  • HF38B Radio Frequency Meter

  • Logarithmic Periodic Antenna 700 MHz – 3.3 GHz vertically polarized

  • Users' Guide

  • 2 Year Warranty Certificate

  • 9 V Alkaline Battery


    •         Antenna: Directional Logarithmic Periodic “LogPer” 700 MHz – 3.3 GHz 45º

    •         LCD Display (3.5 digits): Easy to read 3.5 digit display

    •         Accuracy / Linearity Deviation: +/– 6dB

    •         Audible Tone: The meter’s audio tone replicates the patterns and intensity of measured RF emissions

    •         Signal Detection Type: Peak Hold, Peak, Average, Full signal – Analogue plus Digital (pulsed)

    •         Power Supply: 9 Volt alkaline battery included

    •         Battery Low Indicator: Meter will auto–power off 3 minutes following battery low signal display

    •         Auto Power Off: Saves on battery use – will auto–power off after 40 min of continuous EMF testing

    •        Operating Time: Alkaline battery provides up to 6 – 7 hrs continuous EMF testing

    •        Measuring Ranges: 0.01 –19.99 µW/m² // 0.1 – 199 µW/m² // 0.01 – 19.99 mW/m². Maximum display resolution is 199,900 µW/m² which requires the external DG20 Attenuator


    Calibration: During the manufacturing process strict calibration procedures are followed using only high end, calibrated measurement instruments. This guarantees that every HF35C meter made by Gigahertz has been individually calibrated to a traceable standard.


    Technical Data:

    Frequency Range of Meter:

    700 MHz to 3.3 GHz

    Measurement Ranges 1:

    Fine: 0.01 – 19.99 µW/m2 – Resolution 70 dB

    Measurement Ranges 2:

    Medium: 0.1 – 199.9 µW/m2 – Resolution – 60 dB

    Measurement Ranges 3:

    Coarse: 0.01 – 19.99 mW/m2 – Resolution – 50 dB


    True Logarithmic Periodic Antenna 700 Mhz – 3.3 Ghz vertically polarized

    Signal Evaluation:

    True peak and average (Peak hold feature)


    + / – 6 dB

    Linearity Deviation:

    + / – 6 dB


    + / – 9 digits


    71 x 225 x 31 mm (W x L x H) approx 2–3/4 x 9 x 1.25 inches


    Approx. 250 grams

    Material of Case:


    Operating Time:

    Up to 6–7 hours – varies according to the mode of operation

    Manual for HF32D, HF35C and HF38B RF Meters.