EMF / RF Measurement and Mitigation Specialists
Serving Canada and the USA
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Safe Living Technologies Inc. offers a comprehensive range of professional consulting services to address EMF and EMI. SLT Technicians are certified and use professional, certified testing equipment which covers a large range of electromagnetic frequencies. 5 Hz – 1 MHz in the Low frequency Spectrum. We also cover high frequency Radio Frequency EMF to be discussed in the Radio Frequency testing section.

EMF Assessments are offered for both residential homes and commercial work places. Every living space and work space is unique. EMF measurements need to be taken at strategic points throughout the home or work place. This information is then used to map out the concentration and sources of EMR and is an essential step for the implementation of protection solutions. No two EMR assessment maps are alike. Once the source is identified and strategies are discussed and implemented to reduce EMF at its source.

Residential EMF Testing
For residential clients we focus on the sleeping areas and areas you spend a great deal of time in. We check for the following:
  • AC Magnetic Fields – High voltage power lines, transformers, appliances etc...
  • AC Electric Fields – Household wiring, appliances, cables, computers etc...
  • DC Magnetic Fields - Building Materials, mattresses etc...
  • DC electric Fields – Static Electricity etc...
  • Dirty Electricity – Energy Saving Devices, etc...
  • Stray Currents on gas and water pipes from electrical wiring errors
  • Body Voltage Measurements - shows how much a human body is electrically "charged", if an electric field is present.
Commercial EMF Testing
For Commercial Buildings we focus on:
  • Equipment Interference Issues
  • Health and Safety Concerns
  • The equipment we use has 3rd party Calibration Certificates
Some of the Equipment we use:
Gigahertz Solutions NFA1000 EMF Analyzer (5Hz – 1 MHz)
  • Measures 3D AC Electric Fields and 3D AC Magnetic Fields / GaussMeter and Body Voltage
  • Datalogging Capabilities
  • NFASoft Data Analysis