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IBE 212 Electromagnetic Radiation - 2010 - Clearwater FL
Posted On: 8/23/2010 9:00:00 PM

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Join Rob Metzinger, President of Safe Living Technologies Inc. as an instructor in this seminar as he explores how to assess EMR and RF exposure levels in a residential or commercial location, and implement respective solution strategies. This seminar provides you with hands-on lab experience using the most sensitive testing equipment on the market today.


We know from research and experience that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) influences the well being of people both at home and at work. It is of great importance to understand the basics of EMR, to avoid the numerous harmful effects associated with it. This is critical information for all, but especially for anyone who wants to help others improve their indoor environments. This class is designed for those with little to no EMR experience, but all will benefit from its holistic approach.



Larry Gust, BBEC - is an electrical engineer. Mr. Gust has been teaching classes for IBE since 1996 and conducting assessments/improvements of the electromagnetic issues of indoor environment since 1993. Mr. Gust is a Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor with the Science of Public Policy Institute. For 25 years he was a member of management at Dow Chemical and then at the Mobil Corporation, working in manufacturing, product development and total quality management.


Rob Metzinger – is an Electronics Engineering Technologist, Certified Electromagnetic Radiation Safety Advisor (CERSA) Consultant, President of Safe Living Technologies Inc., and one of Canada’s top EMR Technical Experts. Safe Living Technologies Inc. provides EMF safety solutions for North America, through extensive knowledge and scientifically proven EMF technology that


Topics include:

  • Fundamental definitions of energy and how electricity is a special class of energy
  • Concepts of AC electric and AC magnetic fields
  • EMF low and high frequency ranges including radio frequency and cellular phone
  • Definition of AC electric and magnetic fields and DC electric and magnetic fields
  • Ionizing radiation
  • Static electric and magnetic fields
  • Daily workshop sessions to familiarize you with measurement instruments and for
  • you to practice their use