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IBE Annual Conference 2012 (25th Anniversary)
Posted On: 10/11/2012 9:00:00 AM

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Over the last decade, artificial or “man made” Electromagnetic pollution has become a major concern in our environments. As a building biologist, it is important to be able to evaluate it accurately and confidently. Join Rob and learn about the latest in EMR measuring technologies and mitigation solutions. Being in control of your living or work environment begins with understanding and properly evaluating the ‘invisible’ Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) hazards that may be present.

Our bodies are overwhelmed by the amount of toxins present in our living environments.  Electromagnetic “EMR” pollution is of particular concern because exposure to toxic levels of EMR is unavoidable in today’s technology dependent society. EMR is a toxin that doesn’t sleep even when you do. Exposure to EMR in your sleeping area interferes with your body’s natural rebuilding processes and can lead to increased health risks. This form of pollutions is invisible. Until an environmental investigation is conducted, exposure levels and sources are unknown. The first indication of a problem may be symptoms of compromised health. Studies show that artificial sources of EMR impact our bodies at a cellular level. There is a range of symptoms and diseases that can result from this exposure that can begin with sleep disturbances and develop into serious degenerative diseases.

Rob Metzinger is president and founder of Safe Living Technologies, Inc. By trade Rob is an Electronics Engineering Technologist (1987) and has successfully completed the Institute of Building Biology USA (IBE), Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) training (2004) and also acquired his Building Biology Environmental Consultant Certificate, BBEC (2010). Rob has taken his EMF experience to the next level and has become an EMF educator with the IBE (2008-Present). He teaches EMR 212, which is a 1 week interactive seminar introducing the measurement, detection and protection of Electromagnetic Fields to the layperson. From his 20 years experience as an independent corporate electronics field service engineer, Rob has developed a strong background in electrical and electronic problem solving along with strong customer relation skills. He is an authority on all issues related to EMF and RF pollution. Education, Detection and Protection are the three pillars of his business. Rob presents Electromagnetic Field and Radio Frequency Measuring and Shielding Technology Overview, 10:30 to 11:30 AM