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IBE 212 Electromagnetic Emissions - 2011 - Clearwater FL
Posted On: 8/4/2011 9:00:00 AM

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Join Rob Metzinger, President of Safe Living Technologies Inc. as an instructor in this seminar as he explores how to assess EMR and RF exposure levels in a residential or commercial location, and implement respective solution strategies. The seminar will provide you with hands-on lab experience using the most sensitive testing equipment on the market today.


Seminar Synopsis


This seminar provides techniques for identification, detection and mitigation of electromagnetic radiation (EMR); the theory of EMR is demonstrated with practical examples and case studies based on actual home inspections. Particular emphasis is placed on the bedroom as well as on EMR that may enter the house or commercial building via the public water supply system. The proper instruments used in the detection procedure are demonstrated, abatement techniques are explained, and one can also learn how to discuss these techniques with clients, electricians and plumbers. This seminar includes lectures, hands on labs for instrumentation usage, demonstrations and interactive discussions.

Topics Include

    • Fundamental definitions of energy and how electricity is a special class of energy

    • Concepts of AC electric and AC magnetic fields

    • EMF low and high frequency ranges including radio frequency and cellular phone

    • Definition of AC electric and magnetic fields and DC electric and magnetic fields

    • Ionizing radiation

    • Static electric and magnetic fields

Prerequisite Courses: IBE 204.3 ElectroMagnetic Radiation


Time Requirement

Five days (successful completion of a proctored written exam is required)


Seminar Objectives

1) Understand the factors that affect the indoor electro-climate environment

    • Static Electric Fields

    • Static Magnetic Fields

    • AC Electric Fields

    • AC Magnetic Fields

    • Radio (Communication) Frequency Fields

    • Radiation and Radioactivity

2) Learn the IBE protocols and standards used to investigate electro-climate environmental factors affecting health.

    • IBE protocols

    • Instrumentation usage

    • Data analysis and solution Mitigation

3) Learn how to control or avoid these factors to improve the health supporting nature of the built environment (basic mitigation techniques only)

    • Biologically effective: client responds positively.

    • Technically sound: available, sustainable, and effective

    • Aesthetically acceptable: affordable, family acceptable, sustainable.

4) Understand general issues pertinent to Building Biology Environmental Consultancy

    • Information Resources

    • Developing Resources

    • Basic Equipment Specifications and Recommendations

    • Building code awareness

5) Understand how to educate clients of the processes to create a safer home