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Evolution and Revolution of the Global Health Care Systems
Posted On: 3/19/2013 10:21:28 AM

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Join Rob Metzinger and other distinguished speakers discuss the impact of Electromagnetic Radiation on our daily lives. Learn how the common technologies we use in our daily lives are affecting our health and how we can use the effects for therapeutic use.

This convention is a “must” for health care providers, all our representatives and lay people interested in taking control over their health. This all day event is open to all!This “High Profile” convention covers the major and long overdue health care revolution, taking place right now! MediConsult International is proud to sponsor this world-class event with highly knowledgeable speakers from the field of energy medicine, science and technology. Learn about energy medicine, PEMFs, electro-smog and why the future will be all about frequencies.

Creating a Healthy Home.

Our home and workplaces are often bathed in a sea of electromagnetic radiation from powerlines and wireless technologies. We have recently learned the frequencies that they emit have been declared as a possible cause of cancer by IARC - The International Association For Research on Cancer. Where does one go to learn more about the potential dangers associated by overexposure to EMF? There are training courses that are offered by The International Institute For Building-Biology and Ecology that teach specialists in the profession of EMF mitigation strategies. Online and hands on workshops provide students and professionals with a thorough understanding of the potential dangers from microwave, intermediate and powerline frequencies from sources that include cell towers, WIFI, dect phones, baby monitors, electrical substations and even home plumbing grounding wires.

In this presentation, Rob Metzinger will provide a brief overview of the potential EMF dangers that may exist in your home and work. You will learn about the skills and tools that are needed to become a certified building biologist with a special focus on creating the ideal healing sanctuary - free of harmful electromagnetic radiation.

Bio Rob Metzinger:

Rob is the owner operator of Safe Living Technologies, a company that provides,magnetic shielding materials , Tesla and Radio Frequency meters and training for certified Building Biologists. Rob also provides site surveys and EMF mitigation strategies for large corporations and private individuals that wish to reduce their exposures in the workplace and at home.


  • Evolutionary Medicine
  • Correlation between health and disease
  • History and technology of electro-magnetic therapies
  • Benefits of electro-magnetic applications
  • Electro-magnetic fields and the metabolism
  • Electro-magnetic fields and ATP Synthase
  • Invisible world of electro-magnetic fields
  • Magnetic field of the earth
  • Revolution in global health care
  • Launch of iMRS Fauna system
  • World pre-launch of 2 revolutionary new MediConsult products
  • Being whole in very area of your life