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Total Health 2011 - Toronto, ON
Posted On: 4/8/2011 9:00:00 AM

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Join Rob Metzinger, President of Safe Living Technologies Inc. and other world leading EMF and Medical experts for the largest and most influential health show in Canada.

Wireless Overload!

3 Days of lectures, panel discussions, workshops and films, On the human health effects of our 21st Century ``Wireless World`` Metro Toronto Convention Centre: April 8-10 2011

Presenters: Stephen Sinatra, MD, FACC – Magda Havas, PhD – Brendan Montano, MD – Devra Davis, PhD .– Kerry Crofton, PhD and Rob Metzinger Electronics Engineering Technologist, BBEC


Friday April 8th


6:pm FULL SIGNAL www.fullsignalmove.com

The Toronto Premier of this award winning documentary film on the tragic deterioration of human health that happens when cell phone towers are erected in

residential areas. Meet Director Talal Jabari for Q&A discussion following the film.


Saturday April 9


2pm: Cell phones, Infertility and Cancer

Devra Davis PhD. Throughout her career the Nobel Prize winning scientist has warned us about climate change, asbestos, and second hand smoke. Today she lectures

from her latest book Disconnectabout the threat of breast cancer and infertility. It all depends on where you carry your cell phone!


3pm: Wireless Warning for your home: Too many gadgets = a sick family

Magda Havas PhD. The Trent University professor is credited with warning North American governments about acid raid in the 1970s, long before anyone

understood that it would kill lakes, forests and people. Today she has a new warning: wireless radiation in our home. From cordless phones, to baby monitors, to WiFi, Dr.

Havas will explain why you might not have been feeling so well lately.


4pm: Wireless Radiation: The new cardiac risk factor

Dr. Stephen Sinatra MD. The eminent American cardiologist was a pioneer in discovering the connection between Coenzyme Q-10 and treating and preventing heart

disease. Dr. Sinatra is now medical director of Doctors for Safer Schools. His lecture will reveal shocking evidence that WiFi, cell phones and other wireless radiation commonly in use is contributing to abnormal heart behaviour, and could result in cardiac arrest.


Sunday April 10


12pm: Our Wireless future: Protecting our children from a 21st Century wireless world

The Panel: Dr. Stephen Sinatra MD, Magda Havas PhD, and Devra Davis

PhD. Between them they have delivered warnings to governments over the last three decades on second hand smoke, acid rain, asbestos, global warming, and pioneered one of modern medicine`s simplest vitamins to prevent heart disease. Today they come together on the common theme of protecting our children from an uncertain future of illness, disability, and infertility from the wireless devices we have all adopted so willingly, and unwittingly into our lives. Moderator: Adam Vaughan, Toronto City Councillor


2pm: Doctors for Safer Schools

Stephen Sinatra MD, and Kerry Crofton PhD. WiFi is now being rolled out for blanket coverage in every Toronto school. It will soon be in every school in Canada. So

why are they removing Wifi from schools in Europe? Children report an odd collection of symptoms after WiFi is installed for 24-7 coverage in schools. Headaches, nausea, dizziness, vertigo, speeding heart rates and even cardiac arrest become more common parts of childhood after WiFi is installed. Doctors for Safer Schools was founded by noted American cardiologist Stephen Sinatra MD, and Canadian author Kerry Crofton PhD. They will explain why school zones should also be wireless-free zones and explain the safer alternatives, because children are the most vulnerable to the harmful effects of microwave radiation.


3pm: Brain Drain: Love Your Cell Phone from a Distance.

Devra Davis PhD. Cell phones are so handy that many people have removed landlines from their homes. Children use them as their primary social tool. But do they know that their phone is also a mini-microwave transmitter? Nobel Prize winner Dr. Devra Davis will present research from her new book, Disconnect,demonstrating that simple

cell phone radiation can impair neurotransmitters, weaken the blood brain-barrier, weaken cell membranes, interfere with normal repair processes, and destroy DNA within

brain cells.


6pm: Are you electro-sensitive? Make your home a safe-tech zone

Kerry Crofton PhD, Robert Metzinger, BBEC / Electronics Engineering

Technologist Safe Living Technologies Inc..

Have you been noticing headaches, dizziness, vertigo, insomnia, a racing heart, anxiety, skin rashes, exhaustion, difficulty concentrating or remembering. You might be

experiencing ``wireless overload``. Three percent of society is severely sensitive to the increasing amount of electrical radiation, and as much as 30% can be affected. This

means there is a good chance it`s you. In this interactive workshop Kerry Crofton, cofounder of Doctors for Safer Schools teams up with Robert Metzinger, President of SafeLiving Technologies and a certified Building Biologist, to show you how to measure for electrical radiation of all kinds in your home, and how you can use all the technology you want, without endangering your health.